15 Top Tips & Professional Secrets For How To Make Better Videos

Posted by on Dec 29, 2008 in Creativity, Featured, Traditional Media | 16 Comments

As someone who’s spent many years working in television, I usually get requests for advice on how to make videos look better at this time of the year.  A lot of people received new video cameras over the holidays, they’ve tried them out, and don’t understand why their movies look pretty… Ed Wood-ish. I probably […]

The Most Creative Resume I’ve Seen In Years

Posted by on Dec 21, 2008 in Creativity, Featured, Future Of Media | 57 Comments

I get sent resumes every week and since the financial turmoil kicked in a few months ago, the number of resumes coming in has increased noticeably.  This week, I received one that I will not soon forget and thought it was worth sharing here (with permission!). Creative vs Standard Resumes. There’s always a great debate […]

10 Twitter Tips For Traditional Media

It seems like Twitter is finally starting to penetrate the mainstream media. CBC recently invited some experts in social media in to share their ideas about how a traditional media company might use tools like Flickr, YouTube, Facebook… and Twitter. While I wasn’t there, it sounds like it was a big success and got people […]