Introducing Pacific Content

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Some big news for me to announce! I have partnered with Pat Kelly, an incredibly talented guy who, among other things, is one of the creators, producers and hosts of the hit CBC Radio One program, This Is That (which won two New York Festivals awards this week for Best Comedy Program and Best Comedy Special). Pat is one […]

Productivity Tips Are Killing My Productivity & Blogging Tips Are Killing My Blog

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Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Twitter. I enjoy Facebook. And my RSS Reader is full of blogs that I read every day. But they’re taking over my life. I’m using them as a crutch to avoid DOING anything productive. Checking statuses, tweets, and blog posts have turned into a form of procrastination where I […]

The Changing Face Of Conferences – Traditional Media vs Social Media

(photo courtesy of Liz Hargreaves) I recently had the opportunity to speak about the future of radio at both the Northern Voice digital media conference in Vancouver and the Multimedia Meets Radio conference for European Public Broadcasters in Prague. In both cases, I came away learning a lot from the other presentations, but the lasting […]

15 Top Tips & Professional Secrets For How To Make Better Videos

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As someone who’s spent many years working in television, I usually get requests for advice on how to make videos look better at this time of the year.  A lot of people received new video cameras over the holidays, they’ve tried them out, and don’t understand why their movies look pretty… Ed Wood-ish. I probably […]

The Most Creative Resume I’ve Seen In Years

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I get sent resumes every week and since the financial turmoil kicked in a few months ago, the number of resumes coming in has increased noticeably.  This week, I received one that I will not soon forget and thought it was worth sharing here (with permission!). Creative vs Standard Resumes. There’s always a great debate […]

10 Twitter Tips For Traditional Media

It seems like Twitter is finally starting to penetrate the mainstream media. CBC recently invited some experts in social media in to share their ideas about how a traditional media company might use tools like Flickr, YouTube, Facebook… and Twitter. While I wasn’t there, it sounds like it was a big success and got people […]

An Argument For Test-Driving: The Best Promotional Tool Is Your Best Content

As I’ve written about before, traditional media is pretty blatant with a lot of their web material.  They want you to watch TV, listen to Radio, or subscribe to Magazines. So here’s my ideal solution to achieve the goal of getting more people to leave the web and go to a traditional platform… Give them […]

10 Reasons Traditional Media Should Use The Tools WE Use

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Why doesn’t traditional media like to use the Web 2.0 tools we use?  There are 5 very good answers: They want total control over their own user experience. They want a unique user experience that is differentiated from their competitors. They want to make all the profit from their own content. They want their content […]

#motrinmoms Use Blogs & Twitter To Ravage Motrin Brand & Ad Campaign

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Earlier this week, I wrote about how companies can no longer control their brand once the web gets hold of it.  Today, there’s a HUGE real life example in action. Motrin has just launched a new ad campaign aimed at Moms.  It’s a text-based video ranting about the pains and sacrifices of baby-wearing – the […]

You Don’t Control Your Brand. The Audience Does.

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Traditional branding is dead. The days of ‘choosing’ your brand and pushing your choice out to passive consumers are gone.  Today, you have to earn your brand. Thanks to social networking and Web 2.0 tools, you simply can’t ‘control’ a brand by saturating a market with endlessly repeating messages and advertisements.  It’s too easy for […]