Productivity Tips Are Killing My Productivity & Blogging Tips Are Killing My Blog

Posted by on Aug 13, 2009 in Featured, New Media, Productivity | 19 Comments

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Twitter. I enjoy Facebook. And my RSS Reader is full of blogs that I read every day. But they’re taking over my life. I’m using them as a crutch to avoid DOING anything productive. Checking statuses, tweets, and blog posts have turned into a form of procrastination where I […]

ALERT To Traditional Media

Posted by on Oct 25, 2008 in Featured, Future Of Media, New Media | 4 Comments

Dear Traditional Media Executive, URGENT MEMO The web is NOT primarily a place to advertise your TV programming, your radio programming, your newspaper content, or the latest issue of your magazine. As a valued and (relatively) YOUNGER audience member that you are craving so desperately, when I decide that I want to experience your brand […]

13 YouTube Success Tips For Musicians

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You’re a music artist. Not enough people are hearing your music. You’ve got your tunes up on MySpace and New Music Canada. You’ve got your music video (if you’ve got one) up on YouTube, MySpace and New Music Canada. What else should you be doing? In the YouTube universe, the answer is LOTS. The goal […]

The Curse Of Web Success – Matt Good’s Dilemma

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Taking advantage of social web tools has MAJOR benefits for just about any creative type with something to say.¬† But it can also create MAJOR problems. Take the excellent example of Matt Good. He’s signed to a major label and has what most would consider¬† a very successful career.¬† Unlike the majority of music artists, […]


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I can no longer put off taking my own advice. For the last several years, I’ve been advising a LOT of people – from musicians to book authors, from people wanting to get into the media to people wanting to make a living with an odd passion – to start using a blog (and other […]