I can no longer put off taking my own advice.

For the last several years, I’ve been advising a LOT of people – from musicians to book authors, from people wanting to get into the media to people wanting to make a living with an odd passion – to start using a blog (and other web tools like twitter, youtube, flickr, etc) to create a professional identity for themselves in the space they want to be in.

And all the while, I’ve been using my own website as a totally personal blog, with an intended audience of only friends and family who would be interested in the exploits of my children and pictures of my dog flying through the air at the beach.

No more!  On the new site, kids, dogs, and sunsets head to the dumpster.

This marks the point where I begin using this space to talk more about my professional passions, the future of:

  • media
  • music
  • creativity
  • content creation
  • reaching audiences
  • creating community

For those who are still interested in the adventures of family and pet, the archives and continuing stories will now be at

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